Thursday, April 23, 2009

Clare Nicolson

Bought Frankie today and was so pleased that they featured one of our UK favourite's Clare Nicolson. We just got a new delivery and here is a snapshot of what's instore now;

Sweet Nellie Cushion (so divine in a nursery)

Secret Garden Wallhanging (works with everything!)

The Vincent cushion (have a closer look for the divine!)

Peter and Polly Cushion (so much detail in this one)
Cosy Cushion (looks like its knitted but is a screen print)

These are just a few of the designs we currently have and earn't they just the sweetest! What's fab about them is that they can be used in so many ways - in your room, childrens room, on your favourite chair...
In case you havent seen her stuff before, Clare Nicolson textiles combines digitally printed cottons with vintage fabric to create a fresh range of interior textiles and accessories. Her designs are taken from paper collages which she creates using decorative papers and packaging. Inspiration for collages can come from almost anything; an old teapot, a walk in the country, even the birds in her garden.
Only have 1 of each instore so be quick if you love it x

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

rockin 70's knits!

Well imagine how happy i was when nana came over with a bag full of childrens knits that were daddy H's. 70's knits, all handmade by his nana. That makes them 2nd generation Hatchett classic's! They are all so adorable and i love that my boys will wear and enjoy them too. Hudson wore this one for the 1st time today. he's rockin in his crew neck knit, chalk n cheese rust cords, construction drawings, and 'work boots'... just like his 'dad's.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Nice Book

Being nice is saying hello. sharing a giggle. listening. Anyone can be nice. These little animals in the book will show you how!
A lovely simple book that reminds us how to be nice to others and to yourself.
Rrp $19.95
Online and instore now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Message in a Bottle

Maybe its the romantic in me but how could I resist these bottles? I was thinking that they could be a gorgeous present for a child where you could write a note on a memorable occasion to be kept for years to come... or for your own mother and father... or husband..
You get a bottle wth cork and 3 scrolls, packaged in a lovel cream box.
Rrp $14.95 (such a good price!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stamping Time!

LOVE seems to be the theme of the month with these new stamps that just came in. Ways to use them are endless and you get 9 different styles to play with! The box is great too
Rrp $39.95

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Party Bags

Earn't these FAB! It's a set of 12 gift bags by Hammerpress that can mixed or matched up! They are a crazy fun way of adding a little colour to the party table!

Its a Set of 12 bags, of different patterns and sizes
Rrp $14.95
instore now.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

would dolly like a cup of tea?

Would dolly or teddy like a cup of tea? We have the sweetest dolly tea set, really small for little hands to play with! The matching tablecloth and napkins is pretty darn cute too.. How cute to have a little table set up when friends over (real or imaginary!).
Dolls Ceramic Tea Set Rrp $39.95
Dolls TableCloth and 4 Napkin Set Rrp $24.95

Friday, April 3, 2009

We've been tagged!

Im not sure why but My Messy Room is involved in a love triangle!
It all started about a month ago... at Maurice's Dry Cleaning (across the road from the store) ... one morning we came to work, and patiently waiting for us were love hearts graffiti'd on the wall.. how could you not be intrigued and also a little happy with 3 hearts smiling at you, every time you looked out the door.

and then a few days later, Envy (the cafe opposite) was tagged! I know it's technically 'vandalism' but it's also kinda cool too! (no photo to show you of Envy as they got it painted over within the day).
And then just the other day we came to work and... drumroll please.... we got tagged too!
This time, they've signed it off with 'xoxo'.... so we've been asking, why us three?
............... it's the mystery of Smith and Hardie!