Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Window to Indi's House!

Meet one of our favourite customers, 2 year old Indi! (Yes, yes..that's right! Another favourite! They’re all our favourites! Cause Hey! Nobody ever said we could only have one!!) Madam giggles and her mum had a ball showing us all her fabulous things! Indi’s Mum describes her décor for Indi's room as Eclectic, Cheap and Cheerful she says they’re addicted to Ikea’s affordable and clever storage solutions and Swedish design, combined with an eclectic mix of one off vintage treasures – many from My Messy Room! Indi’s favourite things at the minute are; la-loons, party-cakes, ice-kweems, and cuggles! – Still working on the pronunciations of some of them! But if it were up to her mum she’d stay that way forever! Just too darn Cute! Oh and her Dobbin and Drum Teepee – The perfect hiding place for cheeky little Indians up to mischief!

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