Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little H's Christmas craft morning

This year I'm keen to give little handmade presents (that are not too daggy) to family and friends from the boys. This month's Home Beautiful magazine has a great section on christmas crafting and from that, I decided to make with Little H Christmas tree ornaments using the Crayola Air-Dry Clay.

Its a fairly easy crafting project and the key is to keep it simple. We followed the very simple instructions from the magazine and the end results were so sweet!

In a nutshell you need: 

Christmas cookie cutters 
Crayola Air-Dry Clay in white (Spotlight, Kmart) 
Alphabet stamps, Christmas stamps (I bought mine from etsy)
Kebab skewer stick
twine, ribbon or wool to complete and hang

The clay is fairly hard to begin with so I helped roll it followed by Little H pressing the cutters down into the clay. 

Once we removed the cutter I then asked Little H what he would like to write (giving him examples like 'love, joy, xmas, hudson, xoxo, dad, mum, etc) and once he chose, we looked for the letters together and then he stamped. 

Once they are done, using a kebab stick I punched a hole at the top for the ribbon. They need to dry for at least 24 hours so we left them outside. The following morning they were dry.

They are imperfect, a little smudgy, but still very sweet.... and most importantly he loves them! 


Spaces by Frankie

In case you haven't seen or read Frankie's new book Spaces, here is a peak...... and guess what? our wallpaper from instore is featured - woohoo!

If you love interiors, 2nd hand, vintage, nanna styling or just collecting, this book is for you!

It's a collection of interior spaces from around the world. The difference with this book is that all the spaces created are made from inexpensive items -  knick knacks, furniture, posters etc that are found, reused, passed down. There is organised clutter (my kind of look!), minimalism, colour, prints, fabrics... you will be inspired for sure!

Frankie sells copies online, I bought mine from my local newsagent.
Have a squiz next time you see it!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas window is a starting.....

With all the Christmas edition's of magazines out and the excitement of holidays and food and presents, we have started to work on our Christmas window.

There will be twine, branches, lots of beautiful ribbon and these divine eco decorations from Polli.  Aren't they are bit special!

The decorations are made out of 100% recycled card and are available in 3 colourways (red, yellow and blue) with 3 designs. The designs (above) are lovely without being too over the top Christmas, don't you think? I love that they are Australian made too.

Initially I was only going to use the yellow colourway but after seeing all of them, I've decided to play with all 3 colourways - they look so good!

... And if your looking for some decorations or ways to create the christmas cheer at home, look at this eco deco kit. You get 30 decorations and 6 metres of red twine per pack for Rrp$20 - a good amount to make a striking impact. With that you can make a hanging decoration for a couple of windows or door frames, use them on a christmas tree, as gift tags or even as napkin rings at the Christmas table... divine.

Instore and online now xx

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Something for mummy and the little folk

After many months of admiring this brand Apple & Bee, we now have it in!

....... I succumbed after seeing the embroidered wooden handle clutch (for us oldies) and the kids satchel - could it get any better? All Organic cotton, the kids satchel is reversible and can be worn at two heights, it's just the cutest thing! and i don't need to explain my love for that clutch, how gorgeous is it!

....and after about an hour of oohing over all the bags, I just couldn't resist their new totes either ($19.95 and $32.95), I think this may be the Xmas present everyone in my family will get - they have to have one too!

All online ready for Xmas and of course can be seen instore. love it! x

Sunday, November 7, 2010