Tuesday, February 23, 2010

minti minti minti!

You know about Minti right? It's a supercool NZ brand that has taken Australia by storm. It's not for the traditionalist, more mums that like their kids with a bit of spunk! All pieces are designed to be worn again and again... its fab for everyday. A good big delivery arrived and here is snapshot - Isn't the tracksuit super cute for a new bubba... and that purple cotton dress with the vintage cat print is just the best!

Will be online today.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Big by Fiona's Beautiful 1st Delivery

Big by Fiona has arrived and is already flying off the shelf. I don't normally put this brand online so try and pop into store...... you won't be disappointed!

Also great news for those with older girls - we have bought a small capsule of the Fiona range, sizes 8-12 - yay! It looks fab too...


There is nothing better than seeing the happiness on your child's face when he has accomplished something. Little H got a mini micro scooter from Santa but wasn't keen on it as it didn't 'turn' like his older cousin's razor scooter. It sadly sat lonely in the backyard. During the rain last week I decided to bring it inside (to store for Baby h) when Little h chose to rock on it while watching telly... well after a few minutes he realised he had learnt how to steer it! It was so lovely to watch his excitement and even better when he got the hang of using the back brake.. he was so proud of himself!

These were quick candid shots from the iPhone - inner city living at its finest...learning how to scoot and brake in the back lane!

Is there anything you have been proud of lately? Summer is a great time to observe and enjoy your kids playing outdoors, having fun in the water and just being kids.. love to hear your thoughts..


Thursday, February 18, 2010

daily updates....

..... I had promised I would write everyday about our gorgeous new stock and what happens, my system crashes and I havent had a pc for nearly a week!..... So lets pretend and start all over again..

Cried Wolf has Arrived!

For all those mums out there with boys, you know how hard it can be too find choice in boyswear.. It was a HUGE Hooray! when Cried Wolf launched 18 months ago as we now had another cool brand for our little tigers! Cried Wolf is still evolving and they are doing an awesome job... I think this may be their best season yet!

A good first delivery has arrived and the must have pieces would have to be the the shark trackydacks, and the two styles above... gosh how do I choose for my little h's?
I've just put a few styles online and if you want to layby, no problem, call us! we can organise that for you.

Instore and online now

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

new stock for winter ......

I feel like I haven't written about all the gorgeous new styles we have instore for winter so everyday this week I shall update you! Today's label is Alex&Ant. This is a new label from Caterina (former co-owner of Alex&Charli) and (after seeing next summer 2010 today), will get better and better with each season.
There is also a couple of great long sleeve tee's with quirky screen prints... i particularly like the lomo camera... such fun!

Instore now and will be online soon.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mathilda's Market is not far away......

Mathilda's Market has a new location next month and we are going to be there! For those that don't know about this market, Mathilda's Market showcases beautiful handcrafted and limited production baby and kids products.... a shoppers heaven! It's a lovely morning with rows of stall holders, many of them talented crafters and designers selling their handmade clothes,
homewares, jewellery, interiors... I always come home with something, I love it.

Our stall will be full of new goodies, mostly of new upcoming designers we have instore and of course our lampshades and organic onesies.... hope to see you!

....so pencil this date! ....Saturday 6th March 9-1pm. yay!! xx

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank you Home Beautiful Magazine

A BIG Thank you to Home Beautiful Magazine for featuring (in their recent issue) two gorgeous organic tea-towels from our mama's drawer section on the website.

Both are from Lisa Jones, a UK artist, traditionally known for her hand printed cards selling throughout England ( and now Australia) including the dept store Liberty. These tea towels are hand printed, organic cotton, fair trade made.. gotta be happy with that! Here's a better snap of them:

If you love them like we do, click here to get more details.
Rrp $35

Sunday, February 7, 2010

BYW Inspiration Board

......im having lots of fun in a course run by the fabulous decor8 and this is my homework for week 3. It an inspiration board of what my blog is about.... my shop, my little h's, cuteness, fun, and a little bit of retro....
like it? xx

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

our shabby chic neighbour

Summer Hill has lots of fabulous shops and one that cannot be missed is Monica Trapaga's Reclaim.... She recently released a cookbook titled 'She's leaving Home - Favourite family recipes for a daughter to take on her own life journey'. As the title suggests she wrote the book after her daughter decided she was leaving home. It's a collection of tried and tested family recipes and stories.

What makes it special as that it doesn't have any styled photo images of food, instead it is beautifully illustrated by the super talented Artist Meredith Gaston. I'm really enjoying it and think you might too!

Her store is definitely worth a visit..... if you like all things vintage in that romantic kind of way.... and of course check out the book, Monica sells signed copies instore or is available in selected bookstores.

Monday, February 1, 2010

sweet little candles...

The sweetest fragranced candles have just arrived. They are small and sweet with gorgeous vintage pictures on the wrapper. The wrapper is translucent so the image glows when the candle is lit...
At only $8 each, they would be lovely added to a baby present or for a new mum. The fragrance is very subtle so it would enhance a room not overpower it.

Instore now