Friday, December 10, 2010

psst..... tshirt sale starts today.....

With only 2 weeks until Christmas we have decided to have a special, just for you!

Be the first to know, We are having a 2 for $50 T-shirt Sale. That means that all our tee's (except for wellspotted) are on SALE!

Littlehorn, Munster, Missie Munster, Cried Wold, Monstar, Big by Fiona, Lychee, Polka are all part of the deal so pop in.... I cant imagine they will last long.. Most tee's were originally $40 so super great bargain!

Tshirt Sale Starts today.. xx

ps. not many posts at the moment though there has been some awesome new stock arrive...I've had another melt down with the mac - icecream this time and its still not working!! Apologies if you have written to me, cant receive emails... call me!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am a dude!

How cool are these for the kids! New sunnies by Frankie Ray in a great modern shape with the best UV protection.... and foldable!  Awesome for a kid that fiddles or likes to carry the whole world in their pockets!

These limited editions styles are Rrp $34.95 and come with a denim pocket wallet.

Instore now and online.  loving them.... xx

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little H's Christmas craft morning

This year I'm keen to give little handmade presents (that are not too daggy) to family and friends from the boys. This month's Home Beautiful magazine has a great section on christmas crafting and from that, I decided to make with Little H Christmas tree ornaments using the Crayola Air-Dry Clay.

Its a fairly easy crafting project and the key is to keep it simple. We followed the very simple instructions from the magazine and the end results were so sweet!

In a nutshell you need: 

Christmas cookie cutters 
Crayola Air-Dry Clay in white (Spotlight, Kmart) 
Alphabet stamps, Christmas stamps (I bought mine from etsy)
Kebab skewer stick
twine, ribbon or wool to complete and hang

The clay is fairly hard to begin with so I helped roll it followed by Little H pressing the cutters down into the clay. 

Once we removed the cutter I then asked Little H what he would like to write (giving him examples like 'love, joy, xmas, hudson, xoxo, dad, mum, etc) and once he chose, we looked for the letters together and then he stamped. 

Once they are done, using a kebab stick I punched a hole at the top for the ribbon. They need to dry for at least 24 hours so we left them outside. The following morning they were dry.

They are imperfect, a little smudgy, but still very sweet.... and most importantly he loves them! 


Spaces by Frankie

In case you haven't seen or read Frankie's new book Spaces, here is a peak...... and guess what? our wallpaper from instore is featured - woohoo!

If you love interiors, 2nd hand, vintage, nanna styling or just collecting, this book is for you!

It's a collection of interior spaces from around the world. The difference with this book is that all the spaces created are made from inexpensive items -  knick knacks, furniture, posters etc that are found, reused, passed down. There is organised clutter (my kind of look!), minimalism, colour, prints, fabrics... you will be inspired for sure!

Frankie sells copies online, I bought mine from my local newsagent.
Have a squiz next time you see it!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas window is a starting.....

With all the Christmas edition's of magazines out and the excitement of holidays and food and presents, we have started to work on our Christmas window.

There will be twine, branches, lots of beautiful ribbon and these divine eco decorations from Polli.  Aren't they are bit special!

The decorations are made out of 100% recycled card and are available in 3 colourways (red, yellow and blue) with 3 designs. The designs (above) are lovely without being too over the top Christmas, don't you think? I love that they are Australian made too.

Initially I was only going to use the yellow colourway but after seeing all of them, I've decided to play with all 3 colourways - they look so good!

... And if your looking for some decorations or ways to create the christmas cheer at home, look at this eco deco kit. You get 30 decorations and 6 metres of red twine per pack for Rrp$20 - a good amount to make a striking impact. With that you can make a hanging decoration for a couple of windows or door frames, use them on a christmas tree, as gift tags or even as napkin rings at the Christmas table... divine.

Instore and online now xx

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Something for mummy and the little folk

After many months of admiring this brand Apple & Bee, we now have it in!

....... I succumbed after seeing the embroidered wooden handle clutch (for us oldies) and the kids satchel - could it get any better? All Organic cotton, the kids satchel is reversible and can be worn at two heights, it's just the cutest thing! and i don't need to explain my love for that clutch, how gorgeous is it!

....and after about an hour of oohing over all the bags, I just couldn't resist their new totes either ($19.95 and $32.95), I think this may be the Xmas present everyone in my family will get - they have to have one too!

All online ready for Xmas and of course can be seen instore. love it! x

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sew La Tea Do!

Look what got delivered yesterday! From Meet Me at Mike’s Pip Lincolne, comes Sew La Tea Do, a gorgeous new book for beginner sewers and crafters. This is her much anticipated 2nd book and just as delightful as her first, with awesome images by John Laurie.... I'm loving the flamingo lights styled in a couple of the shots, how perfect for a summers night party!

Be sure to check it out here! xx

Monday, October 25, 2010

Spring weather

How divine is the day today for those that live in Sydney. It's teasing us that Summer is coming....

These are the images from the current Monster range - all Melbourne made and just perfect for summer days! All these styles are instore and will be online soon x

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Surprise Visit

Just as I was finishing our new window display with the tutu de monde tutus, Kellie from Mini Must Have popped in to say hi. She took some photos and wrote a lovely post about our store later that day. These are the photos she posted,

Thank you Kellie! xx

Thursday, October 14, 2010

which one for little H?

Awesome new tee's have arrived for boys.. not too tough but still lots spunk about them. Label is called Electric Boy, wearable art for your little dears. Aussie designed and printed.
Instore now xx

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kid Independent!

Discovered Kid Independent?
This neat little blog is written and designed by 2 Australian chicks that have a love of all things handmade, vintage, sustainable, limited edition and independent.... sounds a little like me!
There is always something featured that would so work in My Messy Room and I'm constantly inspired by how many creative people there are out there!...... I like it so much i've become a sponsor too. Click on the link and have a read..... do you like it too?

bedroom need a revamp?

Two gorgeous new items have arrived instore that would look so perfect together in a bedroom... boy or girl! The new Up Up and Away print by Belle and Boo is a delight and the red with pink spot bunting will brighten up any room. love!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paperwings Spring Summer 10

Paperwings and brand new Little Wings (for bubba's) is now in-store and looking so beautiful. What's even better is that they are now committed to making only beautiful organic clothing. The attention to detail is what sets this brand apart from the rest. All styles above are available and more...

Instore now xx

Wee Wonderfuls new book

Hillary Lang's blog Wee Wonderfuls has been a true inspiration and her new book Wee Wonderfuls - 24 Doll's to Sew and Love (which has just landed in Australia) doesn't dissapoint; so so adorable... and Clever!

The styles, patterns and visuals are fun, clear and styled so cute, there is something for everyone from beginner through to more experienced sewers. It's a book I don't think will date either as the dolls are modern and nostalgic at the same time..

If you love sewing, eager to try making a doll, this book is a MUST.  Put it on the christmas list now!
Online now  xx

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sarah Hardie

Daily Imprint did a lovely feature on Sarah Hardie, Designer and owner one of our favourite Aussie labels Fabrik. Her 3rd delivery arrived last week and it is just as lovely as the month before...

The highlight print is a divine vintage looking floral with bright pink, purple flowers, styles above - gorgeous! All the pieces above are now instore.... isn't the one piece halter just too special, a keeper!

Have a read and enjoy! x

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hopitty scotch!

A few months ago I was asked by my very girlie niece to paint her nails... and it got me thinking......  what polishes were out there designed for little ones that wasn't toxic or strong smelling, that was safe if spilled or eaten.. After a surf of skincare blogs and websites I found the well reviewed Hopscotch Kids Watercolours.

Recently featured in Babyology and LMNOP Magazine, these polishes will make any little girl (or big for that matter!) SING!

There are 10 divine colours with supercute names (red rover, ice cream, miss mary mack) and we have all them of now available here! Great for girls sleepovers, holidays and christmas stockings.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Squeals of delight with Oishi-M

Woo-hoo!! Our 1st delivery of Oishi-M has arrived and it's awesome.
Australian Made and Designed, all fabrics specifically in limited numbers, you will Love Love Love them!!

The jeans are designed with a large elastic waist so they fit for at least 2 seasons. Little H has been wearing a pair of the chubba pants for a year now and they still look and feel great, with more room both around the tummy and in length.  In this delivery there is 2 fits in the jeans (chubba and skinny), a denim short, and some funky little tee's (as pictured).

Will be online later today - sizes start at 000  thru to size 2 - yay!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a smile for you!

Need something to make you smile? Kitsch, nostalgia, colour, cuteness, graphics, craft - the Thompson Family Life blog is sure to make you smile.... and inspired! have a peep and enjoy! xx

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh my goodness, Daisy Lane is finally here!

Daisy Lane is a wonderfully sweet new label hitting stores now, designed and made by the very talented Lark

Do these images remind you of swap cards or writing sets from a time when you had a pen pal or collected cards/stickers in the 70's and 80's? Well that's where the basis of this range started from...

Allison had been wanting to develop a range of products (similar to that of Holly Hobbie / Besty Clarke) of sweet and simple things that weren't plastic, didn't require batteries, could be lovingly collected and bought with pocket money. As positive events happen, she was given the wonderful opportunity of working with a collection of archived artwork of talented illustrator Sue Adams.

The illustrations (from the 60's thru to the 80's) are a delight and Daisy Lane has just been launched with a carefully selected range of products that will surely delight - swap cards, keyrings, writing kits with more products to come.

We are lucky enough to stock this delightful range and I couldn't be happier to show it to you! It's online and instore now and Daisy Lane also has their own website and Club too, become a member!

What do you think, are you in love too?
Instore and online now x

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coco and Ginger

Coco and Ginger is owned by an Australian couple based on the Indonesian island of Bali.
They started 7 years ago producing a small run of quality baby clothes after their 2nd little girl was born.  It has slowly evolved and is now baby and girlswear, specialising in crotchet, smock and embroidery details...all in super fun colours and shapes!

Saffron and Simon strongly believe in developing and nurturing the local community craftsmanship with all handwoven fabrics locally sourced and all embroidery hand-stitched, smocked and crocheted.

They have a fair pay policy and employ seamstresses and tailors in small family-run businesses.

This label was awesome last year with its fun bright prints and doesn't disappoint this season, its gorgeous!  Get in quick if its your cup of tea, cause I know it will not last long instore.  xx

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swimmers here, ready for spring!

You know spring has arrived when you start thinking about swimming lessons, the beach and holidays! Here's a taste of the swimmers we now have instock:
 All online and instore with some styles now going up to a size 12 - woohoo! xx