Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas window is a starting.....

With all the Christmas edition's of magazines out and the excitement of holidays and food and presents, we have started to work on our Christmas window.

There will be twine, branches, lots of beautiful ribbon and these divine eco decorations from Polli.  Aren't they are bit special!

The decorations are made out of 100% recycled card and are available in 3 colourways (red, yellow and blue) with 3 designs. The designs (above) are lovely without being too over the top Christmas, don't you think? I love that they are Australian made too.

Initially I was only going to use the yellow colourway but after seeing all of them, I've decided to play with all 3 colourways - they look so good!

... And if your looking for some decorations or ways to create the christmas cheer at home, look at this eco deco kit. You get 30 decorations and 6 metres of red twine per pack for Rrp$20 - a good amount to make a striking impact. With that you can make a hanging decoration for a couple of windows or door frames, use them on a christmas tree, as gift tags or even as napkin rings at the Christmas table... divine.

Instore and online now xx

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