Monday, February 22, 2010


There is nothing better than seeing the happiness on your child's face when he has accomplished something. Little H got a mini micro scooter from Santa but wasn't keen on it as it didn't 'turn' like his older cousin's razor scooter. It sadly sat lonely in the backyard. During the rain last week I decided to bring it inside (to store for Baby h) when Little h chose to rock on it while watching telly... well after a few minutes he realised he had learnt how to steer it! It was so lovely to watch his excitement and even better when he got the hang of using the back brake.. he was so proud of himself!

These were quick candid shots from the iPhone - inner city living at its finest...learning how to scoot and brake in the back lane!

Is there anything you have been proud of lately? Summer is a great time to observe and enjoy your kids playing outdoors, having fun in the water and just being kids.. love to hear your thoughts..


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