Thursday, February 18, 2010

daily updates....

..... I had promised I would write everyday about our gorgeous new stock and what happens, my system crashes and I havent had a pc for nearly a week!..... So lets pretend and start all over again..

Cried Wolf has Arrived!

For all those mums out there with boys, you know how hard it can be too find choice in boyswear.. It was a HUGE Hooray! when Cried Wolf launched 18 months ago as we now had another cool brand for our little tigers! Cried Wolf is still evolving and they are doing an awesome job... I think this may be their best season yet!

A good first delivery has arrived and the must have pieces would have to be the the shark trackydacks, and the two styles above... gosh how do I choose for my little h's?
I've just put a few styles online and if you want to layby, no problem, call us! we can organise that for you.

Instore and online now

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