Friday, April 3, 2009

We've been tagged!

Im not sure why but My Messy Room is involved in a love triangle!
It all started about a month ago... at Maurice's Dry Cleaning (across the road from the store) ... one morning we came to work, and patiently waiting for us were love hearts graffiti'd on the wall.. how could you not be intrigued and also a little happy with 3 hearts smiling at you, every time you looked out the door.

and then a few days later, Envy (the cafe opposite) was tagged! I know it's technically 'vandalism' but it's also kinda cool too! (no photo to show you of Envy as they got it painted over within the day).
And then just the other day we came to work and... drumroll please.... we got tagged too!
This time, they've signed it off with 'xoxo'.... so we've been asking, why us three?
............... it's the mystery of Smith and Hardie!


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