Saturday, January 15, 2011

The cottage industry

I have always loved cushions made from pre loved fabrics and for the new holiday shack I really really wanted to use Pene Durston's touristy tea towel cushions. Some might ask why I didn't want to make them myself, but for me, it's one of those ideas where of course you could, but to find the right materials! I knew Pene would have the exactly what I wanted and I just wasn't willing to wait.

Three days before Xmas I called Pene and though she didn't have any NSW south coast cushions, she sent me this photo of what she thought would work in my room.

Aren't they perfect!  (we wanted souvenir tea towels, Australian, blues with some bright).

It was such awesome service - we talked that night, I paid for it in the morning and 4 kitsch aussie cushions arrived for me on Christmas Eve ready for the big move!! I know how tired and busy Pene would have been so close to Christmas.... THANK YOU!!

This is now what they look like

Cottage Industry is a must see visit in Fitzroy next time your in the area.
67 Gertrude St Fitzroy 3065
03 9419 2430
Monday to Saturday 11am - 6pm

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Sarah said...

They look great! I have kookaburras on my brain at the moment.. I saw an amazing painting of one in a mag a few weeks ago and I cant stop thinking about it. Even today I went to an antique shop and saw some kookaburra stuff. I LOVE these cushions! Nice to have met you the other day when I popped in with my girls :)