Friday, April 29, 2011

Mothers Day Treats....

Thinking what to get mum for Mothers Day? here's a few treats that im sure you and she will love.. alot!


Update her bag accessories with a new Apple and Bee Makeup bag Check them out here.

Or a new handbag (and one i couldn't resist)  Queen Bee handbag by Apple and Bee, made from the finest quality jute in a shape that fits so nicely under the arm!  Rrp $89.

Divine Scented Soy Based Candles by Palm Beach Collection using only natural essential oils  ... It will be hard to choose a fragrance! Australian made Rrp $33

We all love a nana blanket and mum would love this 100% cotton throw. Rrp $84
For the retired grey nomad mum living in her jayco caravan, this box of button checkers with tablecloth is just so cute! Rrp $39.95

Is mum wanting a change in her house? Modern day swallows for the home, removeable wall stickers by Mae Rrp $65

Or maybe beautiful, simple Sterling Silver jewellery Rrp $88

You can see more in Mama's Drawer online or if your around Summer Hill, pop in! ..... and if you buy online over the weekend we are offering 10% off all purchases, just enter the code "Mama's day" when you get to the checkout. (offer ends Monday night)..... its a bit like getting free shipping but better!

Enjoy your weekend! xx


Nat @ dear little house said...

Those candles are truly gorgeous! There was one burning when I visited a couple of weeks ago, divine!

Marie M. said...

Hello! I visited your shop last month and loved every single piece of it! just blogged about it here: