Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back and ready for summer!

Back at work today after being away for 5 days without the hubbie or kids.. It was heaven..... i didn't have to share, worry about the kids being too loud while out at shops or cafes and I got to sleep right though! Gosh how times change after having children....
Though every day was busy with meetings, showings, or the tradeshows, it was great to just be away without the daily routine....

I have been so inspired this trip, there were so many great new products being launched leading up to Christmas (you are going to love them) and Melbourne too is such a fantastic city. The shops, cafes, bars, each beat to their own drum and don't seem to follow a formula like you sometimes see in Sydney.

I'm expecting Big By Fiona and Minti this week. Some styles of Minti has just been uploaded onto the website so if you want to order without coming into the store, have a squizz - both ranges are so good!

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