Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lets explore our City!

I love discovering new places and what better way than these two new publications!
Designed in a range of bright and attractive colours, each card features a themed tour on one side and a map pinpointing the pit stops on the other. The maps are a feature in themselves, with a modern design and great illustrations.
Tours are designed to last around three hours (which i know is a little long with little kidso but it also depends on how long you linger in each place) and include one foodie stop.
This means you can select one tour card if you have limited time, choose a couple of tour cards for your days itinerary, or select a few cards and pick out places from each to visit. Even with a few cards in tow, their small and light format makes them easy to carry as you discover the city’s secrets.
buy them here (only Sydney and Melbourne at this stage...but will keep you posted!)

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