Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Parties for Children

Little H turned 3 over the weekend and prior to that I had been on the lookout for things to inspire the decorations and festivities...
In my local retro rick rack store i found this book, which was just what i was looking for.... in an old fashioned kind of way! Betty Crocker's Parties for Children was written in 1964 has everything you need to create a party for 5 -11 year 'guests'.

Beside the illustrations being retro and cool to look at, its actually really interesting too..and a laugh! It has food advice, numbers based on age, invitation ideas, location info, themes .. really really cute!
Thought I'd share with you.

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Rose said...

Hi Stav,

Just checked out your messy room, Tammy mentioned it today - love your site and the clothes.

We are waiting patiently for our little one, anyday now.

Happy Belated Birthday to Hudson, how quickly do the years fly by.

Rose (and David)