Sunday, July 4, 2010

back on track..

There will be those that understand the anxiety and stress I felt when I lost my pc to a hot cup of tea a few weeks ago. Silly me was balancing the laptop on my lap in front of the telly when hubby passed me a lovely hot cup of tea and it happened, my hand got the wobbles!

The tea splashed, there were a few swear words and unfortunately the pc did not survive and drowned.

Its been a hectic few weeks trying to retrieve back information, losing all my files, contacts, emails, and being offline for about 2 weeks!!  Wow-wee you take all of it for granted until something like this happens..

There is some good news that came from this experience, I finally succumbed and switched to a Mac... a little scary as I loved my pc but also very exciting! Every day I'm learning something new, almost like a little kid back at school.. Will keep you posted with my ups and downs and please, if you have any favourite mac tips or hints, send them thru!

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