Monday, March 7, 2011

a little something I found yesterday...

As a kid I always had my head in a book, I loved reading. but i also kind felt a little nerdy too, a secret i kept from my friends at school.

Yesterday I took the kids to Manly for a play at Queenscliffe and met up with my sister and kiddies who live on the Northern Beaches. Afterwards we had a great lunch at North Steyne Emporium and then afterwards I couldnt go past having a quick squizz at Neck of the Woods, one of my favourite shops in Manly. In the window was this mug that just had to come home with me.

Made from 100% corn plastic, its just the cutest mug! The question i now  have is am I being spoilt if i keep it for myself or should I do the right thing and give it to my husband as his birthday is coming up? He would find it very amusing too I think...

It looks so right too next to our home phone too!

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Anonymous said...

Cool mug! I think I'd be inclined to keep it. Stav, as hard as this is to believe ;) I was a nerd and proud of it as a kid... actually I still am. I don't have so much time to read now though.