Tuesday, March 29, 2011

look familiar? Graziela Preiser

When I found one roll of vintage wallpaper that now lives on the back wall in the shop, I had no idea it was a from a famous German designer of the 70's Graziela Preiser.

What attracted me was the simple, bright colourful repeat pattern that evoked a happiness and reminder of my childhood. Though I knew it was probably from the 70's, I still really liked it and thought it looked quite modern (..in a vintage kinda way!). The design and colours have become a part of the shop and so many of our customers smile and reminisce about seeing the design in bed linen, kitchen curtains, preschool as a child.

Graziela's daughter has recently re-released a few of her designs and we are fortunate enough to stock a few of the styles! We have posters, crockery sets (that are a just divine), the cutest softest hooded towels and in a month's time, single bed sets!

All online now and instore - woohoo! xx
ps. single beds sets will be available in the original hearts design (2 colours), farmyard and trains (as above).

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