Sunday, June 5, 2011

built to last...

When Steve from Bajo Toys contacted me about stocking his toys, I couldn't have been happier as my boys have both been given presents from this brand, and the quality is really really good.  Its timeless.

Designed and made by an architect in a factory in the woods of Poland, the quality timber used is built to last. He ensures the designs are simple, to encourage a child's imagination and of course they are eco-friendly.

..So now we stock Bajo online and there is something for all ages.

... we recently invested in the abacus, teaching Hudo simple arithmetic's over the last few weeks.. It's working, he's getting it and so simple!

Check it out next time your instore or online, my guess is that you will love it too! xx

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Nat @ dear little house said...

Gorgeous! I love wooden toys, a great mix of functionality and nostalgia :)