Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the best service! ever!

I have to tell you about a label Paul and Paula that I found on etsy (via Little Poppet) that is AWESOME and you have to visit.

I bought the hoodie above for Little H and the quality, that fact it's made in Melbourne, the design (which is beyond cute!) and the delivery (packaged so so nicely and delivered within a few days) was beyond what I expected.   

I think it's appeal for me is that the boys styles are so right for their imagination in the toddler and pre-schooler years..... I mean what boy doesnt want to be a bat, dinosaur or shark? It's dress ups without the dagginess!

She has a blog too.... let me know what you think. xx

ps. The photo isn't my little H, it was taken from Paul and Paula's website. 

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