Sunday, January 15, 2012

you the first to know - we are on SALE!

Yes its true!

Its our BEST SALE EVER and it starts today for all our favourite people!  Pop in, it's BIG!

We need to clear some room for new season (only 4 weeks away) so I've decided to reduce all Summer clothing (except Wellspotted).

Massive hey!

That means Paperwings, tutu di monde, Munster, Missie, Littlehorn, Snugglebum, Alphabet Soup, Electric Boy, Heavenly Creatures, One Red Fly, Havaiannas etc etc etc..


It's super easy to understand,  basically:
Buy 1 item  and receive 30% off the original price
Buy 2 items and receive 40% off both pieces
BUT if you buy 3 or more items you get 50% off all items of clothing!! 

Sale is until new stock starts to arrive and we will be adding stock every day until we have sold out.


ps. This is an instore event only. sorry to all your guys that dont live in Sydney.We are working on a new website that will have more fashion next season... and its looking pretty cute by the way.. x

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